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National co-creation workshops


During the period from April 20th to May 3rd, 2023, the NutriBudget consortium organized five national co-creation workshops in our five pilot regions. The objective of these workshops was twofold: firstly, to gather relevant information from stakeholders to co-create our Mitigation Measures catalogue, and secondly, to prioritize the Key Performance Indicators to be tested.

The co-creation workshops were divided into two sections: Part A focused on gathering opinions from national stakeholders regarding prelisted mitigation measures. The aim was to conduct prioritization and also receive suggestions for other potential mitigation measures of interest. Part B, on the other hand, aimed to evaluate the awareness and utilization of agri-environmental programs available at the national/regional level.

In total, 119 participants attended the five co-creation workshops across the five pilot regions. The majority of participants were from public administrations (44%), followed by farmers (22%) and farm advisors (14%). Farmers and farm advisors accounted for 31% of attendance in the Continental + nutrient deficit and Continental + nutrient surplus pilots, 41% in the Mediterranean pilot, 44% in the Atlantic pilot, and 50% in the Boreal pilot.

For more information: Maarten De Coninck maarten@research-impact.eu

Co-creation workshop organised in Italy at the pilot premise of Vellezzo Bellini (Italy) on the 3rd May 2023